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Englisch - Refresher Advanced (B2)

This course is especially for those who have completed the B2-section in the past, however have had a break without having the chance to practise the English language. Therefore, your knowledge can be classified as B1. This course will help you to get you back to the level you were once at and give you the opportunity to practise your spoken English using the following approach:

  • We will look at different types of texts from newspapers and magazines and analyse and understand them.
  • Discussions will take place by working in small groups with themes including social, cultural and political affairs.
  • Roleplays will also be on the agenda and here we will have a chance to listen to one another.

We will also look at grammar and this will depend on the pupils' wishes.

Englisch - Refresher Advanced (B2)

Georgios-Antonios Lagouros (freier Sprachlehrer)
Laura-Ulrike Jahr (freie Sprachlehrerin, B. A.)
€ 161,00 / ermäßigt € 126,00 / mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 39,00
  • Mo. 15.02.21 08:30–16:30 Uhr
  • Di. 16.02.21 08:30–16:30 Uhr
  • Mi. 17.02.21 08:30–16:30 Uhr
  • Do. 18.02.21 08:30–16:30 Uhr
  • Fr. 19.02.21 08:30–14:00 Uhr
40 UStd.
Max. 9 Teilnehmer*innen
Anmelde­schluss bis 15.01.21 bei Inanspruchnahme von Bildungsurlaub, ansonsten bis 30.01.21

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