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Italian beginner level (end of A1)

This course is offered for English speaking people and will entirely be held in English by an Italian native speaker.

In the focus of this couse stands the repetition of the already learned structures in the beginner courses on the level A1. We will talk about everyday life, eating habits, appointments and journeys.

Grammar: Repetition of the present and the past tenses (passato prossimo) and we will start with the imperfetto, accentuated and not accentuated as well as direct and indirect pronouns, the use of propositions, adjectives and adverbs.

Der Kurs wird in der durchgeführt. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zur Registrierung in der und zur Kursteilnahme.

Italian beginner level (end of A1)

Valeria Esposito (freie Sprachlehrerin/Italien)
Virtuelles Klassenzimmer
€ 50,00 / ermäßigt € 40,00 / mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 25,00
  • Do. 03.06.21 18:00–19:30 Uhr
  • Do. 10.06.21 18:00–19:30 Uhr
  • Do. 17.06.21 18:00–19:30 Uhr
  • Do. 24.06.21 18:00–19:30 Uhr
  • Do. 01.07.21 18:00–19:30 Uhr
10 UStd.
Max. 9 Teilnehmer*innen
We will work with free material in this course.

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