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Business English: Agile Learning (B2/C1)

AGILITY has become an integral element of today’s business world. Its principles do not only lead to more effective project work in business; Agile Business English Training can be fun, lead to a steeper learning curve and create a team culture very similar to international teams.

Overview: Getting to know each other, expectations, goals, meetings, discussions, small talk, dealing with conflict, giving feedback, learning methods.

In the end we’ll have a review of our work and . we’ll celebrate our success.

Business English: Agile Learning (B2/C1)

Abendkurs 2 x wöchentlich
Beate D. Pfeiffer (Business English Trainer; Intercultural Trainer)
€ 85,00 / ermäßigt € 64,00 / mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 25,00
  • Di. 07.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
  • Do. 09.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
  • Di. 14.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
  • Do. 16.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
  • Di. 21.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
  • Do. 23.09.21 18:00–20:15 Uhr
18 UStd.
Max. 11 Teilnehmer*innen

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