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Let's talk about Business - Business Conversational Course (B2/C1)

The world of business has changed considerably in the last years: Agility, digitilisation, digital leadership, mobile working, cross-cultural teams and work-life-balance are “buzz words” we hear all the time. But: What do they really mean? How are these new methods and approaches implemented in our companies? How does the organization you work for deal with cross-cultural teams and work-life-balance?

I’d like to take a look behind the scenes of companies with you: Participants are invited to share their experiences in discussions and/or presentations.

In addition to engaging with interesting input ( videos, texts, your contributions and phraseology ) we’ll have lots of fun playing language or business games.

The first five sessions will take place at our premises at Listholze, the other three sessions will be online meetings.

Die Termine, die online stattfinden, werden in der durchgeführt. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zur Registrierung in der und zur Kursteilnahme.

Let's talk about Business - Business Conversational Course (B2/C1)

Abendkurs 1 x wöchentlich (Blended Learning)
Beate D. Pfeiffer (Business English Trainer; Intercultural Trainer)
€ 114,00 / ermäßigt € 86,00 / mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 35,00
  • Mo. 04.10.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 11.10.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 18.10.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 25.10.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 01.11.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 08.11.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 15.11.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
  • Mo. 22.11.21 18:15–20:30 Uhr
24 UStd.
Max. 11 Teilnehmer*innen
Die ersten fünf Termine finden in Präsenz statt, danach wird der Kurs online fortgesetzt.

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