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Englisch - Conversational Course (B2)

This is a course for everyone who has already taken part in a B2 Conversational class and of course for newcomers who have completed the online test and have the B2 level.

The main emphasis will be placed on spoken language skills, dealing with complex discussion issues such as taboo themes, the news worldwide, oral presentations, small and large group rounds, complex vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, colloquial speech, slang and prepositional phrases.

All you need to bring along is the willingness to discuss and the ability to work in teams and consequently you will have the chance to improve your speaking skills.

Bitte nutzen Sie den Einstufungstest!

Ort: Stadtstr. 17 (Südstadt)
  • € 84,-- / ermäßigt € 63,--
  • mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 25,--
  • ab 14.01.20 (Di)
  • 17:30 - 19:45 Uhr
10 x 3 UStd. max. 15 Personen
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