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English Pronunciation Workshop (A2/B1)

You can make improvements to your spoken English in a number of ways – one way is your pronunciation. In this course use is made of the phonetic alphabet. English is not a phonetic language. You can develop a strategy for pronouncing words correctly since there is only a limited number of ways a word can be pronounced. Also you can see how word stress varies across a number of related derivatives. The word increase for example is stressed on the second syllable, when it is a verb and on the first when it is a noun. There is sentence stress which can change the meaning a speaker conveys. A third important area is intonation. There is one specific tone for checking information, for example, and a specific tone for asking questions. One should use the correct tone therefore for what they wish to convey in spoken English. This course is made up of student centered activities intended to enable students to explore with their peers the various aspects of this field of pronunciation. Furthermore the course is intended to supplement one´s regular English course and provides a useful insight into pronunciation that is applicable at all levels. This particular pronunciation module is best suited for instruction to A2 and B1 level speakers.

  • Philip Papaioannou (freier Sprachlehrer)
Ort: Am Listholze 31 (List)
  • € 23,-- / ermäßigt € 18,--
  • mit Hannover-Aktiv-Pass € 12,--
  • 08./09.02.19 (Fr/Sa)
  • Fr, 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr
  • Sa, 11:00 - 13:15 Uhr
6 UStd. max. 14 Personen
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