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German as a foreign language

Courses for refugees

The Land Niedersachsen promotes the language acquisition for refugees since 2015. The language courses take place with four lessons on four to five days a week in the afternoon.

Aims of the promotion are

  • to support the participation regarding social aspects and the job market and thus to improve the current situation of the refugees as well as to accompany their orientation
  • to enable and improve the basic language acquisition and thus the communication between refugees and the people living in Germany
  • to guarantee the transfer into offers for catch up regarding school certificates, formations or measurements for job market integration.

Target group:

In general, the measurements are available to all refugees, regardless of the legal status and language level, who are not obligated to participate in an integration course, a business language course (DeuFöV) or another language training offer of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. A participation of EU citizens is excluded.

To register, please use our registration form, which you can download here.

Promoted by the Land Niedersachsen.

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